Claim for Damages

Claim for damages for injury or damage sustained to your vehicle or property on a highway

To complete your claim you will need:

  • The reference number of the fault you suspect caused damage reported in our FixMyStreet system. If you haven’t done this you can report a fault now
  • the exact location of the incident with reference to an adjacent building or landmark
  • a full description of the incident - time, date and weather conditions

If you are claiming for vehicle damage:

  • detail of the damage caused, and an independent estimate for repair (unless repair was required immediately, such as a damaged windscreen when you will need to provide a copy of the receipt)
  • copy of vehicle ownership (V5)
  • copy of current insurance certificate

If you are claiming for property damage:

  • your insurance certificate
  • details of the damaged caused
  • copies of estimates or receipted invoices for repairs

If you are claiming for personal injury:

  • details of the injury you sustained
  • your National Insurance number
  • your date of birth
  • details of any medical attention you received in relation to your claim
  • details of your earnings if your claim involves loss of earnings.

Claim investigations are very in-depth and take some weeks to progress. Please check that you have attached all documentation requested. The data you enter on this form must be correct and complete; failure to declare information may lead to your claim being delayed and the input of false information may lead to prosecution. We may require further information/clarification from you during the investigation process.